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In this section you will find instructions, documents and useful links to help you manage your DG ECHO financed action through the use of the eTools. The eTools will automate the preparation, submission and approval of project proposals, project reports and modification requests made by DG ECHO partners. They aim at speeding up the process for treating humanitarian aid projects and to increase the overall quality of the process.
When we talk about eTools we refer to two different online system: APPEL, managed by humanitarian organisations, and HOPE, managed by DG ECHO. The two systems communicate with each other.

APPEL has different uses

  • To initiate a Partnership application for organisations who wish to become an FPA partner;
  • For DG ECHO partners to update their relevant information (e.g. Headquarter address and contact details);
  • To prepare and submit action proposals, action reports and modification requests to DG ECHO (using the eSingle Form);
  • NEW! To complete the Partner's online annual assessment questionnaire which is necessary for the maintenance of the Framework Partnership Agreement.

In particular, there will be several advantages in using APPEL to submit humanitarian action proposals, like the instant data sharing between field operations, headquarters and DG ECHO; the reduced possibility of errors (standard lists, automatic generated information, etc.); instant consultation on project status; automatic and uniform archiving; etc. For more information please consult the following documents:

APPEL User Manual (EN) (version March 2013) UPDATED
APPEL Manuel d'Utilisateur (FR) (version mars 2013) UPDATED

HOPE is the “brother” of APPEL, it is a sort of Intranet, managed by DG ECHO staff (TA, Desk, DG ECHO Finance, Legal Affairs and Partner Support Unit) and, through the use of eFichop, includes all the useful information to evaluate an eSingle Form. HOPE is not accessible by partners but, during the appraisal process, the partner can check in APPEL the status of its eSF (submitted, favourable, rejected, etc).

The interaction between partners and DG ECHO does not change: the relationship between the partner and the geographical desk in Brussels or the expert in the field is always the priority mean of communication: thus exchange of emails or telephone calls will continue to exist!

Accessing to APPEL

To enter in APPEL, each partner has to use its ECAS account - the “European Commission Authentication System” – which allows external organisations to safely access IT applications and databases of the European Commission with a unique username and password.
To use APPEL, each organisation must identify a User Rights Administrator who will handle the permissions and profiles of whoever in the organisation is involved in the writing,validation and submission of the eDocuments
For more information on ECAS and User Rights management please refer to:

Partners' annual online assessment questionnaire

Since March 2012, the Partners' annual assessment questionnaire has been made electronic and assigned to each Partner in the APPEL system.
This online questionnaire includes fields to be completed and zones for the uploading of documents.
To have access to the online questionnaire, connect to the APPEL website and click on the link “Start annual assessment”.

N.B. If you have any questions with regard to the use of APPEL, for initiating an application to become an FPA partner, please contact the following Help Desk:


If you have any questions with regard to the Partners'' annual assessment in APPEL interface, in correcting errors in the submitted annual assessment questionnaire or if you have exceeded the submission deadline of the questionnaire, please contact the following Help Desk:


Instructions to complete the Partners' annual assessment questionnaire

eSingle Form applications

The eSF has two applications:

  • The online application is a web-based application for DG ECHO partners to manage humanitarian actions from proposal to final report stage, available in APPEL. The online application allows to draft and submit project proposals, project reports and modification requests (eDocuments); attach annexes (maps, tables, etc.); search and consult projects and eDocuments; upload the eDocuments prepared with the offline application. Working online remains the most direct mode to draft documents and gives the possibility to work simultaneously and remotely on several online computers, but requires a good internet connection
  • the offline application is an encoding tool which enables the partners to complete an eDocument without being connected to internet and share it with other users via e-mail. Once the eDocument is completed, the Partner will have to connect to the internet (APPEL) and upload the eDocument. Before using it, the offline application has to be downloaded here and installed.

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