About this website
This website is a permanent portal for DG ECHO's partners which explains the main rules and procedures of project management under the Framework Partnership Agreement (“FPA”) and Financial and Administrative Framework Agreement (“FAFA”).
The portal also offers a helpdesk service for any questions DG ECHO partners might have regarding the FPA and FAFA. Through this portal DG ECHO wishes to contribute to a better understanding of its rules and procedures and to enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery and support of humanitarian aid. All information on this portal stems from the FPA, FAFA, and official DG ECHO supporting documents.

How to use this website
The website is structured in a Top Menu where you can find information and download documents on the functioning of the DG ECHO, FPA for NGOs and IOs, FAFA for the UN, Training agenda and programmes. On the same Menu, under the section Supporting Documents, you can have access to a set of useful toolkits and standard formats which the Consortium developed to help you prepare adequate documentation for your Action.

The left-side Menu is organized in four main sections, following the logic of an Action cycle:

  • Partnership: in this section you will find information on the instruments, principles and requirements set by the DG ECHO to become a partner in the implementation of humanitarian actions. This information covers the needs of NGOs, IOs, UN Agencies, and Specialized Agencies of Member States to become fully aware of the conditions and principles on which partnership with DG ECHO is based.
  • Preparing an action: this section reviews the key steps and modalities of preparation and submission of Action proposals. It covers in detail the rules of the financial decisions, the principles of eligibility, the financing modalities, the procedure and means of submission and transmission of proposals to DG ECHO, and provides key information on the structure of the Agreement and the procedure to sign it.
  • Implementing an action: this section aims at supporting the Partner in all aspects of the Action's implementation. It extensively covers the mandatory standards and procedural requirements relating to procurement; provides guidance and information on the procedures to be followed in case of amendment, modification, or suspension of the Agreement; provides support on the preparation, revision and submission of the intermediate report; sheds light on the Partner's obligation in terms of visibility and communication of DG ECHO-financed actions and reviews the mandatory activities as reported in the newest version of the DG ECHO's Visibility, Information and Communication Guidelines. This section also contains useful information on the means of transmission to follow during the different moments of the Action's implementation and provides sound support on the techniques of monitoring and evaluation to be adopted by the Partner.
  • Closing an action: this last section covers all aspects related to the closure of an Action. It provides guidance during the preparation and submission of the final reports and request for the final payment; overviews the scenarios of the termination of the Agreement and the procedures to follow in each case; provides support and indications on the audit phase according to the DG ECHO's audit strategy.

On the left-side you can also have access to a series of FAQ validated by DG ECHO. This database will be regularly updated with the new questions received by the helpdesk day-to-day support service. A glossary of terms and Search function are also available.

To facilitate the user's navigation and regular information updating, the website is based on the RSS system, an alternative means of accessing the vast amount of information that now exists on the World Wide Web. Instead of the user browsing the website for information, the new information is sent directly to the user.

The Framework Service Contract
On September 2008 a Framework Service Contract has been signed between DG ECHO and the Consortium punto.sud – ISPI - MDF Training and Consultancy.

The Consortium has been created in order to best respond to the need of DG ECHO to strengthen the capacity of the different actors to work with improved efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery and support of Humanitarian Aid. The Consortium's specific objective is to guarantee to DG ECHO the delivery of a comprehensive package of interlinked products and respond to its request for developing appropriate capacity-building methodologies and practices among humanitarian operators.