Intermediate report

In this section

The Humanitarian Organisation shall give the Commission full information on the implementation of the Action.

The Humanitarian Organisation shall submit an Intermediate report. The Intermediate report shall be made on the standard Single Form, Annex I of the FPA, and focus on the state of implementation of the Action, providing a complete account of the implementation of the Action for the period covered.

No financial report is requested, but only an updated financial overview (section 11 of the Single form).

Failure to submit an Intermediate report within the agreed deadlines and without any valid justification may be considered sufficient grounds to terminate the Grant Agreement.

Reports and any additional information required by the Commission shall be submitted in the language of the Grant Agreement.

At the intermediate stage the Single Form should allow ECHO:

  • to use the intermediate report as a monitoring tool,
  • to analyse proposed unilateral modifications (see section Dealing with changes).

This phase represents the best moment to notify any unilateral changes, to list any signed supplementary agreements and exchange of letters and to inform about major donations to be foreseen at the end of the action (see Donation procedure).

If the Humanitarian Organisation shall request amendments (e.g. extension) which are not unilateral modifications, it is strongly recommended to send an eModification Request before submitting the eIntermediate Report.

It is advisable to wait for the appraisal of the submitted eModification Request before sending the eIntermediate Report. If the time needed for appraisal delays the eIntermediate Report, the Humanitarian Organisation should warn ECHO.

The contact with Technical Assistants and Geographical Desks must always be maintained despite the use of eTools.

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