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The Humanitarian Organisation shall award the contracts necessary for the implementation of the Action in accordance with the rules and procedures established in Annex IV of the Framework Partnership Agreement.
Annex IV of the European Community’s framework partnership agreements with Humanitarian Organisations and with International Organisations sets out mandatory standards and procedural requirements for the conduct of procurement by the Contracting Authorities when awarding property, supply, works and service contracts for the implementation of humanitarian Actions which receive the financial assistance of the European Community .

The nature and objectives of humanitarian aid, the context in which humanitarian actions are implemented, including their rather short implementation period, and the need to guarantee in all cases the quality assurance of specific supplies, impose specific obligations on the Contracting Authorities while, on the other hand, justify flexible procedures and restricted market consultations.

The rules and procedures of Annex IV are determined with due respect to the value of the contracts concerned, the relative size of the Community contribution in relation to the total cost of the Action and the management of risk. The Humanitarian Organisation will report on the implementation of these contracting arrangements.

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