Visibility and communication

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As regards European Commission humanitarian aid, visibility is sometimes used loosely to cover the whole spectrum of “visibility-information-communication”. Information and Communication are two terms clearly linked. In European Commission humanitarian aid, “information” implies the assembly of data through various tools and products that inform about humanitarian situations and actions, the partnership between the Commission and implementing agencies and the role of the EU as an aid donor. “Communication” relates to the pro-active dissemination of data and messages to identifed target audiences.

In general terms, partners are obliged to highlight their humanitarian partnership with the European Commission. This must be done through basic visibility (see sheet 2). They are also required to ensure equal treatment for the Commission with other donors in their visibility/communication.

For pro-active information and communication linked to projects, appropriate activities may be identified. It is clear that partners have varying capacities in this area.

The principle of effectiveness applies as much to communication as to any other element of the project. (see sheet 3)

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