Financing modalities

Funds allocated by the Commission may finance an Action in part or in full.
However, partial financing of Actions is the general rule.

Co-financing for NGO Partners

The key concepts of the co-financing are the following:

  • Financing is shared between DG ECHO and other contributor(s) (may be the partner).
  • DG ECHO does not earmark its funds to specific costs or activities.
  • Partner must treat DG ECHO the same way as other contributors.
  • DG ECHO's contribution is conditional to the achievement of results.

In case of co-financing, the Partner shall identify in the Action proposal (section 11 of the Single Form) the other donors it invited to contribute. In the final reports, narrative and financial, the Partner shall indicate the amounts of the actual contributions of the other donors.

Multi-donor for International Organisations and UN Agencies

Financing modality whereby DG ECHO and other donors contribute to an Action or programme of an International Organisation or UN Agency. All components of the Action or programme must be eligible for DG ECHO funding (i.e. they must be in line with the Humanitarian Aid Regulation). DG ECHO's contribution is a fixed amount (and not a percentage). See "multidonor" for details.

Full financing

DG ECHO may finance the entire cost of the action if:

  • The action is urgent,
  • There is no availability of other donors,
  • The action is a priority for DG ECHO.

The request for full financing must be duly justified by the partner in the Single Form.

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