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If the Commission approves the Action proposal, DG ECHO and the Partner shall conclude a Grant Agreement (for NGOs) or a Contribution Agreement (for International organisations and UN Agencies) governing the Action. The Commission shall draft the Agreement according to the Annex II of the FPA for NGOs (Grant Agreement), for IOs (Contribution Agreement) and for UN Agencies (Contribution Agreement).

The Partners are responsible for the accuracy of the data transmitted to DG ECHO and undertake to update data whenever necessary.

Parts of the Agreement

The Agreement is materially composed of 3 documents: the Agreement text defining the General Conditions, the Special Conditions, including Annexes I and II, and the last version of the Action Proposal sent by the Partner and accepted by DG ECHO.

Annex I is the logical framework (“Log-frame”) provided by the Organisation in section 4.3.1 of the Single Form.

Annex II is the table provided by the Partner in section 11 of the Single Form.

The full text of the Proposal (i.e. the last version of the Single Form sent by the Partner and accepted by DG ECHO) also constitutes an integral part of the Agreement, even if it is not annexed to it.

The text of the General Conditions is not annexed to individual Agreements, but by signing the Agreement the Organisation acknowledges having read and accepted them.
In exceptional cases where the Organisation has not signed a framework agreement with DG ECHO, the General Conditions need to be signed and annexed to the Agreement.
In case of Contribution Agreements signed with UN agencies, the relevant framework agreement between the European Commission and the Organisation referred to in this part is the FAFA.

Hierarchy of clauses

Within the Agreement, an order of precedence between the different parts of the Agreement has been established. Specific Conditions (Article 8) take precedence over all other parts of the Agreement, then follow the Special Conditions (Articles 1-7) and the General Conditions.

The Agreement itself consists of the following parts: – The Special Conditions of the Agreement, including the Specific Conditions – The General Conditions of the Agreement (Annex III) – Annex I: Operational overview of the Action (section 4.3.1 of the Single Form) and – Annex II: Financial overview of the Action (section 11 of the Single Form). The Proposal in its entirety is also part of the Agreement (Article 1.2).

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